Friday, 28 May 2010

Simon Hughes Standing For Deputy Leader

I strongly support Simon Hughes to become Deputy leader of the Lib Dems. Though I am not a party member due to doubts about the orange liberals agenda, Simon Hughes fits perfectly as a Lib Dem MP who shares my values and is from the same political standing as myself, i.e. the more radical center left of the party.

It is important for the Liberal Democrats that this wing of the party are represented by a MP like Simon Hughes holding a high posistion and making sure that the left of the party's views are represented.

He supports the coalition but emphasises the Liberal Democrat need to stay independent, a smart and correct choice. As i've stated previosuly, I do not believe the coalition will last as it is now, and Simon Hughes is the best choice for the Lib Dems to hold a posistion as important as deputy leader as he will assure the left that a vote for the Lib Dems does not support the Tories, it support Lib Dem principles and policies. It will also face off potential loss to Labour, because he is well known as being on the left and it is important at the next election that the Lib Dems have a high profile figure who is seen as someone who could happily deal with Labour, which Simon Hughes clearly can, whilst regarding this coalition sensiably, supporting it but retaining independence, which he is doing well.

Hopefully this view will be shared by the Liberal Democrat membership when it comes to the descion time. The fact that Vince Cable, probably the most popular Lib Dem amongst the public at large now that Cleggmania has died away, has given him his backing will be important as well.

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