Sunday, 16 May 2010

Charles Kennedy in today's Observer

Following on from Nick Clegg in it's sister paper yesterday, the Observer today goes with Charles Kennedy having refused to vote for the coalition.

It is an admirable stance to take and important in that it was he, not Nick Clegg, that really developed the party into a political force and still remains very popular with the British public. Remember the Lib Dems won more seats in the 2005 election under Kennedy than they have now under Clegg.

Charles Kennedy is right to voice is concerns and it is good to see such a high profile Lib Dem doing so. If the Liberal Democrats are going to be able to manage to keep a distance between themselves and the Tories then it will be important for figures such as Charles Kennedy to continue writing articles such as this and remind people that the Lib Dems aren't just Nick Clegg and that not everyone is happy to be in a deal with the Tories.

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