Thursday, 27 May 2010


This coalition government is not going to last.

Vince Cable, said to be unhappy about dealing with the Tories, has stepped down as Lib Dem Deputy leader.

Sir Menzies Campbel has said he will rebel on tution fee's.

Charles Kennedy said he could not support the deal.

And on the Tory side, Graham Brady has been elected 1922 commitee chairman. He is not Cameron friendly.

And their are now very public disputes over capital gains tax.

The Liberal Democrats should be preparing for the fall out. They face being punished by the electorate for siding with the Tories in a government that is set to fail. And when it does, they need a damn good plan to stop themselves loosing seats, both to a Labour party re-energising itself and a Tory party who will constantly claim that hung parliments and coallition governments 'are bad' for the country. It will be a tough fight, and the party must realise it is going to be sooner than expected.

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