Saturday, 5 June 2010

Media Bias

Had a bit of time to reflect on David Laws resignation now, and the conclusions I draw from it is that

a)the Conservative party didn't want him to go as he is the most right of the Lib Dems

b)the Lib Dems didn't want him to go as he's very good at what he does and it is damaging

but most importantly it seems: c)the right-wing media wanted to take a Lib Dem down, because they want to destabalise the coalition as it is a pure Tory government they want. Hence the attacks on Danny Alexander as soon as he was appointed.

So it's a shame that David Laws caved into the pressure he felt on him, but it was ineviatable that the Telegraph and the rest of the right-wing paper brigade would launch attacks upon the Lib Dems as they don't want this coalition to last. David Cameron has just as much of a tough fight with the right-wing over government policy as he does with his coalition partners, and thats why it's an unsustainable sitituation.

David Laws obviously felt ashamed of his sexuality and it was keeping it private that was his prime motivation, and I can understand and forgive that and I think most reasonable people can as well. You do have to wonder how the Telegraph would have acted if it were a Tory? I mean it's likely they have documentation that fingers a Tory in some fashion that they are choosing not to publish. They have been very careful in how they have used these 'expenses' files they came into possesion of.

And the lesson to learn is this: The right-wing media hates the Lib Dems. Time to just get on with things and ignore this section of the media, and fight back when need be.

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